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Marie-Claude Goulet


Marie-Claude Goulet is a Canadian artist who lives in Rimouski, Quebec.

She paints birds, flowers, and fanciful animals from her imagination. Its herons and owls are original and easily recognizable.

As a teenager into her twenties, she received several awards for her writing talents. She loved writing stories for children, in which animals starred.

Then, she practiced her profession as a lawyer for more than 25 years, before turning completely to painting. Through her paintings, she reconnected with her creative nature, and she tells stories again.

From the start of her artistic career, she was quickly represented in an art gallery in her region, in Rimouski, and then, at the renowned Galerie Québec Art, in the heart of Old Quebec.

His works are part of private collections across North America.



Inspired by nature and its wonders, mainly the
birds and flowers, I create a universe where reality and fantasy meet, and where their borders blur.

Using acrylic and mixed media, I play with textures, reliefs and colors to bring my ideas to life. For their fascinating reflections, I like to add gold, pure silver, or metallic leaves. I also work on them transparently to bring a dimension of richness and depth to my works.

The characters I create allow me to express the lightness, joy and playfulness, which are so essential in my life, and which are at the heart of my artistic vision.

Thus, my herons are recognizable by their unusual details such as flippers, or their participation in sporting activities. My distinctive large owls, or other subjects, even flowers, also embody varied characters.

Beyond aesthetics, it is crucial for me that my works bring well-being, comfort, or inspiration to those who contemplate them.

I take pleasure in telling stories through my works, thus inviting the observer to delve into my imagination.

In summary, my artistic process is guided by the desire to create not only whimsical and visually captivating works, but also to evoke emotions that nourish the soul and awaken the imagination.

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