His name is Émile Desaulniers, but his creativity shines under the name DESO. He is 24 years old.

At the start of his career, Deso quickly distinguished himself internationally by making his way among the hundred semi-finalists (all mediums combined) of the international Art box projects Zurich 1.0 competition, in the summer of 2019. In addition, in the spring of 2020 , he won the L'art de la nouvelle competition, by the Galerie Québec Art. Since then, he has been represented by this art gallery located in the heart of Old Quebec.

With his unique techniques and style, he paints surprising and textured characters, and lively cities, crowded with buildings, each more colorful and bizarre than the next. Its buildings with their asymmetrical shapes are integrated into a dynamic composition, from which emerges a teeming urban life.


Having first started painting with traditional acrylics, Deso quickly turned to spray paint, layering it with other mediums, thus obtaining reactions from the material, for an astonishing result. In constant search for originality, DESO now manufactures certain paint mixtures, and integrates various materials that it recovers into its works.

Although his studio is very well stocked, he paints with what he has on hand, or rather, what he finds most practical: his hands, a knife, a cotton swab, a screwdriver, a ruler. He superimposes layers of acrylic, latex, aerosol, or his homemade mixtures. It incorporates cardboard, paper, buttons, old keys, fabric, or plastics, or other scraps that inspire it. Then he scratches, he pastes, he sculpts, he draws, thus giving life to his characters and his superimposed buildings.

Beyond the composition, the strength of his paintings lies in this superposition of layers of material, to obtain paintings with a unique texture, in three dimensions.

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