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La dame et l'oiseau (The lady and the bird)

La dame et l'oiseau (The lady and the bird)

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48 x 30 in.


Mixed on wood.

GOULET DESO collaboration .

This work is available at the Galerie Québec Art.

Please contact the gallery directly using the "buy now" button.

* PRICE TO BE CONFIRMED WITH THE GALLERY (certain discounts or others may apply).

About the work:

This work is a happy mix of the worlds of Deso and Marie-Claude GouleT.

Take a closer look at the materials that make up the work: straw, fabric, buttons, keys, a feather made of pure silver leaf, etc.
We clearly recognize the unique work of Deso who created the woman, and worked the herbs and the nest. We easily guess that Marie-Claude painted the bird and also worked on the composition, the background, and the entire canvas.

The two artists exchanged the canvas a few times until the final result: a unique work, which illustrates the complicity of the two characters, like their creators!

The signatures of the two artists form the neckline of the woman's garment.

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